Ministry to Gay Students

There is no question that high schools and middle schools across this nation are ground zero for students who face peer pressure, bullying, low self-esteem, depression, and the like.  One of the most disturbing of these is bullying.  Daily, many students who are different face demoralizing statements about how they act, dress, talk, interact, and [...]

Facing Opposition

Though it would be great to have a peaceful and civil Day of Truth event, many times that just isn’t the case. You may well know that schools are becoming more and more biased when it comes to homosexual issues. Messages about homosexuality are seeping into classroom lectures, and teachers and administrators alike are enforcing one-sided rhetoric. By standing up for what you believe in and sharing the truth you will most likely experience some form of opposition.

Why Should Struggling Students Participate in the Day of Truth?

Have you heard about the Day of Truth? You’ve probably seen announcements about it on the Exodus Youth website and perhaps in our Facebook Group. You may be wondering why Exodus is involved and if you are a student personally struggling with same-sex attractions you may think, “Why should I be involved in the Day of Truth?” If you’re feeling that your participation may not be very beneficial or necessary, that is far from the truth.

Understanding Who You Are Reaching

One of the most important things to do when reaching out to gay or struggling students is to actually identify with them. To effectively reach someone with compassion, you should have at least a basic understanding of who you’re reaching out to.

God’s in Control

While you are preparing for Day of Truth and learning more about how to minister and effectively reach gay-identified peers, remember you have a resource much greater than any materials you read.

The Day of Truth is Only the Beginning

If you’ve decided to participate in the Day of Truth, you know the importance of addressing homosexuality. What a great way to bring a biblical response to this controversial and potentially divisive topic. Participating in this event is simply a time of intentional action: bringing awareness and offering a different viewpoint.