NAUGHTY                                           NICE

~ A.C. Moore – Web site: “Holiday Wishes From Us to You.” Report: 3 types of “Holiday” gift cards – when “Christmas” gift cards requested, store representative replied “We have to be politically correct.”

~ Albertsons - Web site: “Holiday Solutions" without mention of “Christmas.”

~ American Eagle - Web site: no mention of “Christmas.”

~ Banana Republic – Web site: “Banana Republic Holiday 2008,” “Most Wanted for the Holiday,” “Holiday Gift Guide” and “Holiday 2008 Fashion Show.” No mention of “Christmas.”

~ Bloomingdale's – Web site: “Oh What Fun... Holiday Experience,” “Happy Holidays” e-gift card and “Shop Our Holiday Catalog.” 

~ Circuit City – Web site: winter snow scene on home page and “Beat the Holiday Rush.” No mention of “Christmas.”

Costco – Report: Costco staff manager says Costco will not use the term “Christmas” in advertising to its members.

Comp USA – Web site: “Tech Toyland.” No mention of “Christmas”  except items named by manufacturers.

CVS – Web site: no mention of “Christmas”  except for items named by manufacturers.

~ Dick’s Sporting Goods – Web site: “The Gift Center.” No mention of “Christmas.”

Disney – Shopping site: “Holiday Shop” but no mention of “Christmas. ”

Gap – Web site: “Holiday Gifts Are Here.” No mention of “Christmas.”

Giant Eagle Pharmacy – Web site: “Holiday Gift Giving Guide,” “Holiday Delicious” and “Holiday” everywhere.

J. Crew Outfitters – Web site: “Very Merry Gift Guide” but no other mention of “Christmas.”

~ KB Toys - Web site: “To Receive by Dec. 25 ....” but no mention of “Christmas” in their “Holiday Toy Guide” other than manufacturers’ products.

Lane Bryant – “Holiday Wishes.” No other mention of “Christmas.”

~ Old Navy – Web site: “Home for the Holidays,” “Deal Reveal: ... Super Secret Holiday Deals,” “All I Want ....” and “Holiday 2008 Gift Guide” sections. No mention of Christmas.

Office Depot – Web site: “Christmas” search only produced “Holiday” items such as “Holiday Cards.”

Roaman’s – Web site: “Give, Get, Gifted.” No mention of Christmas.

~ Sprint – Web site: “Tis the season to have it all.” No mention of Christmas.

Staples – Web site: “Gift It For Free.” “Christmas” search found a few items named only by manufacturers.

World Market – Web site: “Holiday Headquarters” and “Holiday Shop.” No mention of “Christmas.” 









































v – Web site: “Christmas Trees” and “Christmas” decorations.

Barnes & Noble - Web site: “... free delivery by Christmas”  on home page. Local stores play “Christmas”  music.

Bass Pro Shops – Web site: “Time Passes … Hold on to Christmas” and “Classic Christmas” section. “Christmas” music playing in stores.

v Bath and Body Works – Web site home page: “The Perfect Christmas…at Home,” “Spread Christmas Cheer with Holiday Home Fragrances” and “The Perfect Christmas Book.” 

v Bed, Bath, and Beyond – Web site: “Christmas Decor” section and “Merry Christmas” gift cards.

v Belk – Web site: “Christmas” items for sale and “Merry Christmas” gift cards. "Christmas” music plays in stores.

Best Buy – Television commercials in Virginia are “Christmas”  commercials.

v Big Lots – Web site: “See All Christmas Deals.” Promotes “Christmas” trees in advertisements.

v Blain’s Farm & Fleet – Web site: “Christmas gift ideas” and “Create a Christmas wish list.”

v – Web site: “Holiday Shop” with “Christmas Home” section. Gift card says “Merry Christmas.”

v Bronners CHRISTmas WONDERLAND – “World’s Largest Christmas Store” and “Enjoy Christmas all Year.” “Christmas” everywhere!

v – Web site: “Christmas Home Décor,” “Christmas Decorations,” “Christmas Cookbooks” and “Christmas Ornaments.” “Christmas” products are called what they are.

v Cabela’s – Web site: “8Christmas” promo code for shipping. Christmas Catalog: “… Christmas Style 2008” and “Need it by Christmas?”

v Chic-fil-A – Report: “Wonderful billboards across the country say making a “Christmas List.”

v ChristmasPlace – “Christmas” everywhere!

v – Web site: “Christmas” is sprinkled throughout the site. “Guaranteed delivery for Christmas” and “Christmas Desktop Décor Set.”

v Cracker Barrel - Web site: “Christmas”  section. Stores are all about “Christmas” and “Christmas”  music plays in restaurants and stores.

v Dillard’s – Circular: “Home for the Holidays” includes “Get Ready for Christmas” and “Christmas Linens and China.” Another Catalog is called “The Style of Christmas.”

v Dollar Tree – Web site: “Christmas Crafts,” “Christmas Cards” and “Christmas Floral.” 

v Family Dollar – Web site: “Christmas Toy Book,” “Christmas Trees,” “Christmas Floral Décor” and “Christmas Lights.”

v Frontgate – Web site: “Christmas” is everywhere! “Christmas Trees,” “Ornaments and Christmas Tree Décor” and “Christmas Stockings and Tree Skirts.” Catalog reads “Christmas Perfection.”

v Garden Ridge – Web site: “Christmas Trees,”  “Christmas Inflatables” and LOTS of “Christmas” decorations.

v Hallmark – Web site: “Christmas Cards,” “Christmas Keepsake Ornaments” and “Christmas Décor.” TV: Hallmark Christmas Commercial 2008,” “A Hallmark Christmas” and “Hallmark Christmas Eve.

v Hobby Lobby – Web site: “Holiday Messages” (cards) especially geared to Christ.” “Christmas ornaments,” “Christmas bushes” and “Christmas” everything!

v Home Depot – Web site: “Christmas Décor” section. “Christmas Trees” and “Christmas Village.”

v JC Penney – Website: “Christmas Trees,” and “Feliz Navidad” gift card. Report that “Christmas is alive and well at JC Penney, always has been, and always will be ....”

v Joann Fabric and Craft Stores – Web site: “Let’s Make Christmas” section. Holiday Inspirations include “Christmas Houses,” “Christmas Trees,” “Christmas Décor” and “Christmas Garland.”

v Kay Jewelers – TV commercials say “Make it a Merry Christmas.”

v KB Toys – Web site: “Christmas” books, “Giant Christmas Stocking” and other “Christmas” items.

v K-Mart – TV commercials include “Christmas.” Web site: “Christmas Trees.”

v Kohl’s – Web site: “Christmas Power Shopping Sale,” “Christmas” section, many “Christmas” items and “Merry Christmas” / “Feliz Navidad” gift cards.” 

v L.L. Bean – Web site: “Making Christmas Easier,” “Making Christmas for Over 95 Years.”

v Linens ‘N Things – Web site: “Christmas Shop.”

v Lord and Taylor – Web site: “Merry Christmas” gift cards and “Christmas Tree Ornament.” 

v Lowe’s – TV ads feature Christmas. Web site: “Christmas Trees,” “Christmas” lights and “Christmas” tree decorations. Ad says “Merry Christmas.” Local stores use “Christmas.”

v Macy’s – Holiday Lane section with unlimited “Christmas” items. “Merry Christmas” gift cards.

v Martha Stewart – Web site: “Christmas Workshop 2008,” “Christmas” and “Christmas Trees” sections.

v Menards – Web site: “Menards Christmas Catalog,” “Artificial Christmas Trees” and various “Christmas” items.

v Michaels – Web site: “Christmas” and “Christmas Products” sections. Circular: “Christmas Trees.”

v M&M-Mars Candies – Web site: Holiday section includes “Christmas” on

v Mrs. Fields Cookies - Web site is festive with “15 shopping days until Christmas” on home page and “Christmas Collection” section.

v Office Max – Web site: “Great Christmas and Holiday gifts.”

v – Web site: “Gift Finder: Christmas Gifts for ….” TV commercial includes “Christmas bows” in song.

v PetSmart – Web site: Lots of “Christmas” in the Holiday Shops.

v Pier 1 Imports – Web site: “Christmasville” section and “Welcome to Christmasville.” Store windows: “Christmas Parties” and “Christmas Decor.”

v QVC – Web site: “Countdown to Christmas,” “Christmas Shoppe,” “Christmas Toys” and “Christmas Lights.”

v Sam’s Club – Web site: Says the number of days until “Christmas.”

v Sears – Web site: “Christmas Trees” “Christmas” décor on home page.

v Shopko – Web site and advertising: “Celebrate Christmas,” “Fabulous Christmas,” “Cool Christmas,” “Awesome Christmas, “Christmas Trees,” etc.

v Smithsonian – “Christmas” catalog.

v Stein Gardens & Gift - Web site: “Freshly Cut Christmas Trees” on home page. Circulars: “Life-Like Christmas Trees,” “Christmas Planter Supplies,” “Christmas Light Sets” and “Visions of Christmas.”

v Target – Web site: “Christmas Trees,” “Christmas Decor Collection” and other “Christmas” items.

v The Swiss Colony – Web site: “Christmas Village Gifts” section. “Christmas is December 25th.” “Warm their holiday spirits with special gifts from Christmas Village.”

v T.J. Maxx – Web site: “Our Christmas spirit” and “Merry Christmas” gift cards.

v – Web site: “World’s Finest Artificial Christmas Trees.”

v Walgreens – Web site: “Christmas” on home page.

v Wal-Mart – Web site: “Your One-Stop Christmas Shop.”

v Williams-Sonoma – Web site: “Christmas” section.