“Hate Crimes” Fact Card

‘Hate Crimes’ = Thought Crimes


“Hate crimes” creates special classes of victims based solely upon their “sexual orientation” or “gender identity.” Victims who engage in homosexual, transgender, fetish, or other sexual behaviors would get preferential treatment over victims who are grandmothers, veterans or children. In other countries, it has led to punishing people for their Biblical views on sexuality.


It violates the U.S. Constitution

The 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution affords equal pro-tection to every citizen, regardless of their sexual choices. “Hate crimes” would treat victims differently because of their sexual choices. An assault on a homosexual man would trigger a harsher penalty than committing the same violent crime against a child. That’s wrong.


There is no need for special status

Crimes against people who engage in different sexual behaviors are already prosecuted. Thus, there is no reason for special pro-tection above any other citizen.

FBI statistics reveal that in 2007 about 1.4 million violent crimes were committed in the U.S. Of these, 1,512 were re-ported as “hate crimes” motivated by “sexual orientation” bias. Two-thirds were name calling, pushing or shoving. Only 247 cases were aggravated assault (including five deaths) allegedly motivated by “sexual orientation.” In each case, where appro-priate, offenders were prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The victims received the exact same justice guaranteed every American.


Hate crimes” is an overreach and overbroad

“Hate crimes” laws politicize crimes, pressuring police and prosecutors to devote more resources to some cases at the ex-pense of other victims. They unnecessarily expand the power of the federal government to intervene in local matters. Forty-five states already have some form of “hate crimes.” States are al-ready prosecuting to the fullest extent of their laws. Over 30 kinds of sexual behaviors could be covered, including pedo-philia and bestiality.


“Hate crimes” laws lead to religious discrimination

These laws have been used in Europe, Canada – and even in America – to intimidate and punish people who honor natural sexuality and value marriage as the union of a man and a woman. If a person speaks out against various sexual behaviors, they may be accused of “hate speech” and promoting “hate crimes.”