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Senate Passes 'Hate Crimes' Bill as Amendment  

Still Time to Halt Legislation




Senator Harry Reid's bullying tactics paved the way for the Senate to pass the so-called Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act as an amendment to the Defense Authorization bill late last night. The cloture vote taken late last night was 63-28, with every Democrat voting for the amendment, except Senators Byrd (WV) and Kennedy (MA), who were not present. Approval of the cloture motion meant that the hate crimes amendment was adopted.

The Hate Crimes amendment would authorize the Department of Justice to investigate and prosecute certain bias-motivated crimes based on the victim's actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or disability. Even more troubling is that this 'Hate-Crimes' amendment could create special protections for pedophiles. Democrats voted down an amendment to the bill that would have excluded pedophilia and other "sexual orientations" from the definition of "sexual orientation."

The hate crimes amendment will not become law unless the $680 billion Defense Authorization bill passes and the amendment is reconciled with the version of the hate crimes bill passed by the House. The Senate Defense Authorization bill includes funding for F-22 jets. President Obama has threatened to veto the Defense bill if it funds the F-22.

Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) filed an amendment to the hate crimes amendment to strengthen the protections for free speech and religious exercise. The Brownback amendment, which passed by a vote of 78-13, states that the hate crimes law shall not be "applied . in a manner that infringes" First Amendment rights or that "substantially burdens any exercise of religion . speech, expression, [or] association, if such exercise of religion, speech, expression, or association was not intended to . plan or prepare for an act of physical violence; or . incite an imminent act of physical violence against another."


See how your Senator voted and then call their office to express your approval or disapproval of their vote.

Call Harry Reid's office and tell him you disapprove of him burying this amendment in the defense bill and forcing a late night vote. Call Reid's Majority Leader office at  202-224-5556 and his D.C. Senate office at 202-224-3542.











There is still time for you to urge your two US Senators to Stop this Hate Crimes Amendment. 

Phone calls are most important at this stage in the political battle.  Please contact your US Senators and urge them to Stop this Hate Crimes Amendment.   Simply Call the Capitol Switchboard number, (202) 224-3121, and ask to be connected to your Senator.  It will take less than 90 seconds and have a greater impact than just sending an email.  Your two US Senators direct contact information is found in the link provided below.

If you would rather send an electronic message you may find your two US Senator's email contact form by clicking here.  The phone numbers for each senator are also listed there. 

Please contact the two US Senators who represent your state, today, and let them know how outraged you are at their attempt to slip such a horrendous amendment onto such an important DOD Bill. 

Thank you for your time from your friends at TheWordOut.Net.

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