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Congress OK's $2B More for Failing 'Cash for Clunkers' Program

August 7

Car shoppers caught up in the frenzy of the "cash-for-clunkers" program now have more time and a $2 billion reason to trade in their old gas guzzlers.

President Barack Obama signed into law Friday a measure tripling the budget of the $1 billionincentive program that has drawn big crowds to formerly deserted showrooms. The Senate on Thursday passed the legislation extending the 2-week-old program into Labor Day and preventing it from running out of money.

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Legally Challenging Universities Reduces Censorship

August 7

A representative from the Alliance Defense Fund will be speaking to college students about reforming campus culture.

David French, senior counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund, is slated to give a speech at the Thirty-First Young America's Foundation's National Conservative Student Conference. His topic is called "Getting Serious About Change: Reforming the Campus Culture Whether Professors Like it or Not."

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Report: 29 Deaths Worldwide from RU-496 ('Morning After Pill')

August 7

Use of the abortion drug RU-486 has resulted in the deaths of 29 women worldwide, according to a new report.

Exeglyn, the European manufacturer of RU-486, reported the total, which is more than twice the previous estimate, to the Italian Pharmaceuticals Agency (AIFA), LifeNews.com said in a July 31 article based on news media sources. The estimate had been 13 deaths, according to LifeNews.

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Obama Administration Blasted for Asking for 'Snitches' to Rat Out Opponents of HealthCare Bill

August 7

The Obama administration is coming under heavy criticism for asking for people to become tattletales on groups and people who oppose the pro-abruption health care bills in Congress. One member of the Senate says Obama could use the information to create an "enemies list," which the White House denies.

In a White House blog post that has generated nationwide controversy, Obama's staff are asking for people to turn in anyone who says anything "fishy" about the pro-abortion health plan.

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Dems Call Demeaning Constituents at Town Hall Meetings 'Strategic Plan'

August 7


Demeaning protesters who confront their members of Congress at town hall meetings over the health care plan and other concerns appears to be part of a strategic plan by Democrats and their allies to "dehumanize" them, according to a psychiatrist.

Keith Ablow, a New York Times best-selling author and Fox News Channel contributor, told the Glenn Beck television show that calling opponents of the legislation promoted by President Obama and the Democratic majority "a mob" classifies them as subhuman.

"This sounds familiar," he said, describing it as sounding a little like "that slope to totalitarianism."

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California Told to Prepare to Release 40,000 Prisoners to Relieve Financial Burden and Overcrowding

August 7

U.S. judges on Tuesday told California to prepare to release more than 40,000 of its 150,000 inmates to reduce overcrowding in state prisons, which suffer from massive healthcare problems.

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Senate Confirms Sonia Sotomayor as Next S. Ct. Justice, 68-31

August 7

The U.S. Senate confirmed Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court Thursday in a 68-31 vote, providing the country's highest judicial panel with its first Hispanic and third female member.

Sotomayor will sit with the other justices for oral arguments for the first time Oct. 5, when the high court's next term begins.

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