Abortion in Health Care Reform: Yes or No?

On a phone call arranged this week purportedly to address people of faith, President Obama accused those who opposed the health care overhaul supported by his Administration of "bearing false witness." This accusation is an insult to millions of Christians who don't believe they are bearing false witness, but, in fact, believe they are exposing some important truths.

President Obama also said on the call that government funding of abortion would not be included in the health care bill. This is strange, given past pronouncements on the matter by the President and other members of his Administration. Consider also the fact that the current bill would allow for taxpayer funding of abortions, and numerous attempts to ensure the legislation was abortion neutral were voted down by members of the President's own party in Congress.

A letter was dispatched to the White House asking them for a discussion on these issues so that the Administration might clarify these discrepancies and take the opportunity to line up their speech with their actions. Please contact the White House today, and urge them to accept our offer to face this life-and-death issue head-on.


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 Watch the Video and Contact the White House to tell them to step up and debate the issue of abortion in health care reform.

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