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RNC Introduces 'Bill of Rights' for Senior's Health Care

August 25

Republicans are targeting older Americans worried about President Obama's health overhaul plans with a "seniors' health care bill of rights."

The six principles outlined Monday by the Republican National Committee include protecting Medicare, prohibiting rationing of health care based on age and making sure government doesn't get between seniors and their doctors.

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Report: Swine Flu May Cause 90,000 U.S. Deaths (Video)

August 25

Swine flu may infect half the U.S. population this year, hospitalize 1.8 million patients and lead to as many as 90,000 deaths, more than twice the number killed in a typical seasonal flu, White House advisers said. In a report by the President's Council of Advisers on Science and Technology, President Barack Obama today was urged to speed vaccine production and name a senior member of the White House staff, preferably the homeland security adviser, to take responsibility for decision-making on the pandemic. Initial doses should be accelerated to mid-September to vaccinate as many as 40 million people, the advisory group said.

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Federal Court Tosses Lawsuit Challenging Federal DOMA

August 25

A federal court Monday threw out a lawsuit filed against the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The decision to dismiss the casethrew out a portion of the lawsuit that challenged California's constitutional amendment protecting marriage. Alliance Defense Fund attorneys represent ProtectMarriage.com in the suit. comes just over a month since the same court

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Texas School Districts Crack Down on Teen 'Sexting'

August 25

At 19, Melanie Young knows firsthand about the devasting consequences of 'sexting'.

Too bad she didn't learn her lesson sooner.

"I thought it was fun and just a way of flirting," the McKinney resident said of sending a nude photo of herself to a male friend when she was 16. "I sent it to someone that I thought I could trust."

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Public School Teacher Fired for Playing Song With 'Christ' In It

August 25

Kathy Villalobos was a dance teacher for two San Diego Public Middle Schools. For five years she taught young teens how to dance. One day in class she played a song to her students that had the name "Christ" in it. Within five days, she was fired. That event transpired 4 1/2 years ago.

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Lawsuit Filed in Case of NY Nurse Forced to Participate in Abortion

August 25

The Alliance Defense Fund recently responded to a brief filed by Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York that seeks to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a Catholic nurse who was forced to participate in the abortion of a 22-week-old unborn child.

On August 10, attorneys for Mt. Sinai Hospital filed a brief claiming that Cathy Cenzon-DeCarlo, the Catholic nurse forced to participate in an abortion, has no right to sue.

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Obama 'Quite Comfortable' As One-Term President, White House Spokesman Says

August 25

President Barack Obama is "quite comfortable" with the prospect of being a one-term president in order to address the issues he is concerned about, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Friday.

The comment came on the same day the president's approval reached a new low, with only a 45 percent approval rating in the Zogby International poll released Friday. The poll said that 51 percent disapprove of the president's job performance. The Real Clear Politics average of all polls puts the president approval rating at 52.2  percent.

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