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The Highest Court


He is the Rock, his work is perfect: for all his ways are judgment:

a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is he.


Dueteronomy 32:4


Would you like to have a legal system that was completely trustworthy. No loopholes. No special backroom deals. No chance of an innocent man being locked up or a guilty one being set free. No payoffs. No technicalities. Just 100% pure justice. The guilty would be found guilty and pay for their crime, the innocent would be found innocent and would be set free. The justice would be swift, accurate and final.


Before you answer and say "yes, this is awesome. This is the exact type justice system I would want," think about this first. God tells us that anyone who has fractured even one law (e.g. ever told a lie?) is guilty of breaking the entire law. And with such an infraction (sin), the one and only penalty is death. An eternal ejection into darkness, into the lake of fire where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Hmmm, would you like a moment to reconsider?


The Bible says that God is just, right, truthful and without sin. This makes God the ultimate judge on the highest court. Every day we learn of things in our world that are hard to explain or understand. Often, it appears that the guilty go free and the innocent are harmed. Too often we see children and widows who become victims of the system. Innocent are harmed while the evil seem to not only roam free, but rule. Often times this world just seems upside down or backwards in its application of justice.


God sees the injustices of the world and wants us to know that He has not forgotten the innocent. You might think that some people are "getting away with it" (whatever "it" is) but God sees them. You can trust that they are not getting away with anything. He sees all and He knows all. He knows the very hearts and thoughts of every man whether or not they are ever put into action or words. When all is said and done, each and every person will have to face their creator, explain themselves and be judged for their thoughts, words and actions here on earth. All will someday find themselves standing before the highest court, the supreme, Supreme Court, presided over by the ultimate supreme court judge. And you can rest assure that His justice will be swift, accurate and final.


Now I'll ask you again, what type of justice system would you like to have? Well, it doesn't really matter now does it. For this is God's world, He created it, He controls it and we have to play by his rules or reap the consequences. So, how are you living YOUR life? What will YOU have to say when your time comes to stand before God's supreme court? After facing the High Judge will you be staying or stepping down?

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