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Texas School Board Decides to Keep "Christmas" In Their Textbooks

Septermber 22

AUSTIN - Christmas will stay in Texas textbooks, State Board of Education members said Thursday while reviewing early recommendations for new social studies standards.

The board will not approve the new curriculum standards for public schools until next year, but wanted to assure constituents they will not accept a recommendation to yank Christmas.

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Pregnant Mother Forced to Give Up IVF Baby After Doctors Implant Wrong Embryo

Septermber 22

A pregnant mother will have to give birth to another couple's baby after a blunder by an IVF clinic.

Carolyn Savage had the wrong embryos implanted into her and will have to give the boy up to his biological parents as soon as he is born.

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Congressman: Abortions Could Increase By One-Third Under Health Care Bill

September 22

The pro-life community has been up in arms about the taxpayer funding of abortions in each of the three main health care bills Congress is considering. But the leader of the pro-life caucus in Congress drove the point home over the weekend in a well-received speech.

Speaking at the Values Voters Summit sponsored by the Family Research Council, pro-life Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey made it abundantly clear what would happen under the current legislation.

Smith predicted that abortions could rise by as much as one-third because of the massive abortion subsidies and mandates found in HR 3200 and the Kennedy and Baucus bills.

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School Officials Cleared In Meal Prayer Case

September 22

Two rural northern Florida school officials were found not guilty of violating an injunction against praying in school, a Florida judge ruled late Thursday in a contentious school prayer case that spurred a reaction from Congress earlier this week.

Hundreds of people waiting in the rain outside of a federal courthouse in Pensacola cheered just after 7:30 p.m. when U.S. District Judge Margaret C. "Casey" Rodgers ruled that Frank Lay, principal of Pace High School in Santa Rosa County, and his athletic director, Robert Freeman, didn't intentionally violate her order to not offer prayers at school-sponsored gatherings.

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Christian Nurse Under Fire for Wearing Cross

September 22

Shirley Chaplin has been taken off the wards at The Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust Hospital after refusing to remove her necklace.

As first disclosed in The Sunday Telegraph, the 54-year-old grandmother has been told she cannot wear the one inch silver symbol openly because it breaches uniform policy and could prove a risk to patients.

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A Surefire Way To Debunk Atheism

September 22

What is it about a California-based Christian evangelist from New Zealand that makes him irresistible to even the most sophisticated secularist?

"You sir, are a fool who could not lie straight in bed. It is beneath me to even address you," wrote an online respondent to Ray Comfort's weblog Friday, "but I was passing by and saw this tripe, I could not constrain myself."

The lively interaction on his Atheist Central blog with scores of atheists and agnostics of all kinds - from young students to decorated scientists - has given Comfort unusual insight into the skeptical mind and led him to conclude atheism rests on a remarkably illogical and unscientific premise that became the title of his latest book, "Nothing Created Everything."

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California ACLU Strives To BAN Abstinence Education

September 22

California's sex education standards call for public school students to learn about sex and sexually transmitted diseases beginning in 5th grade. Beginning in 7th grade, students are to learn about condoms and other contraceptives, among a list of other sex ed topics. No public school student in California hears an "abstinence only" message in school. But now the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is working to prevent students from hearing about abstinence until marriage at all, even in the context of a sex education curriculum

California schools. that also teaches them about contraceptives. So far, the ACLU has won support from at least one County Office of Education in its effort to keep speakers promoting abstinence out of California schools.

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