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Federal Govt Bans Religious References on Ornaments for 2009 Capitol Christmas Tree

September 29

Alliance Defense Fund attorneys sent a letter to federal and state officials, including Arizona Governor Janice Brewer Monday, calling for them to stop enforcing a requirement prohibiting the state's schoolchildren from expressing religious viewpoints through Christmas themes while decorating ornaments for the 2009 Capitol Christmas Tree. Arizona was chosen this year to present 4,000 handcrafted ornaments made by elementary, middle-school, and high-school students to decorate Washington, D.C.'s annual Christmas tree.

"Banning Christmas from the Capitol Christmas tree is just absurd. Christian students shouldn't be discriminated against for expressing their religious beliefs," said ADF Litigation Staff Counsel Jonathan Scruggs.  "The First Amendment does not allow government officials to exclude schoolchildren's ornaments for the capitol's Christmas tree merely because they communicate a religious viewpoint."

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'Slut List': NJ High School Hazing Ritual Exposed (video)

September 29

NY Times: News of a "slut list" at a top-ranked New Jersey high school last week highlighted two disturbing points: the increasingly explicit and sexual nature of the taunts, magnified by the Internet. And, in another twist, the perception that allegations of promiscuity - however fictional - are a badge of honor, a way into the cool group, and not a cause for shame.

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Public Elementary School Children Sing Praises To Obama

September 29

Check out this video of school children singing praises about President Obama.  Courtesy of Hot Air.   This video was posted to YouTube two days before Obama's speech to students, and was filmed at the B. Bernice Young Elementary School in Burlington, NJ.  Hot Air speculates that this little choral number was part of the school's festivities leading up to that speech. 

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ACORN Sues Young Pro-Life Investigators $1 Million Each for Sting Operation

September 29

The liberal community-based organization ACORN, which was recently disgraced by a series of undercover videos showing illegal activity by the group's employees, is now suing the young pro-life duo who shot the videos.

Defendant James O'Keefe, 25, who is being sued together with 20-year-old investigative partner Hannah Giles, is known among the pro-life community for conducting sting operations against Planned Parenthood in conjunction with Live Action Films.  In one such investigation, O'Keefe caught a Planned Parenthood employee accepting a donation earmarked for the abortion of a black child.

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Dozens of  Pastors Challenge IRS Rules...Again

September 29

Dozens of pastors around the nation are challenging an Internal Revenue Service rule that anti-Christian activists often invoke when they want to silence the message of churches, according to the Alliance Defense Fund.

The organization has announced that more than 80 preachers are taking part in its second annual Pulpit Freedom Sunday this weekend.

The pastors will preach Sunday sermons related to biblical perspectives on the positions of electoral candidates or current government officials, exercising their constitutional right to free religious expression, the ADF said.

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Intelligent Design Found In DNA

September 29

Researchers at Brigham Young University shaped DNA strands into the letters BYU, reported Live Science.  Let's have a little fun with this clever achievement (an indisputable case of intelligent design) with some thought experiments that make use of ID reasoning.

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Court Gets Brief in Planned Parenthood $180 Million Birth Control Fraud Case

September 29

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit received legal papers from the American Center for Law and Justice today. They concern a case in which a former vice president of a Planned Parenthood abortion business affiliate in California has accused it of defrauding the state.

P. Victor Gonzalez says the abortion business fired him because he raised concerns about illegal practices of overcharging the state.

The former Planned Parenthood official filed a lawsuit in March 2008 against affiliates in California saying they overcharged the state hundreds of millions of dollars on birth control.

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