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Texas Law on Children Seeing Porn Being Challenged

November 3

Dallas (AP)

- A 1970s-era Texas law that allows parents to show "harmful material" to their children has come under fire after a prosecutor said he couldn't file charges against a man accused of forcing his 8- and 9-year-old daughters to watch hardcore online pornography.
Randall County District Attorney James Farren has asked the Texas attorney general's office to review his decision not to pursue charges in the case, which has prompted at least one lawmaker to vow to change the state's public indecency law.

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Christian Group - Focus on the Family - Banned From Schools

November 3

Focus on the Family has been accused of vilifying homosexuality, and preaching religion to students without parental consent.

A spokesman for Education Minister Andrew Barr says the government launched the investigation after a complaint made by a parent at a Canberra high school.

The spokesman says the group had also run programs in five other schools, although no other complaints have been made.

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Obama Signs Bill Giving Homosexuals Special Protection

November 3

For this accomplishment, President Barack Obama sought maximum publicity.
There was a bill signing at a wooden desk set up in the East Room, with the media invited, followed by a reception for joyous, champagne-sipping supporters and an address to them, again, from the East Room.
Obama was keeping a campaign promise to gays and lesbians by putting his signature on a bill to include violence against homosexuals in federal hate crimes law.

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Planned Parenthood Leader Resigns After Watching UltraSound of Abortion Procedure

November 3

"I just thought I can't do this anymore, and it was just like a flash that hit me and I thought that's it."

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Pelosi House HealthCare Bill Clocks In at 1,990 Pages

November 3

It runs more pages than War and Peace, has nearly five times as many words as the Torah, and its tables of contents alone run far longer than this story.

The House health care bill unveiled Thursday clocks in at 1,990 pages and about 400,000 words. With an estimated 10-year cost of $894 billion, that comes out to about $2.24 million per word. .

And for some members, that may not be enough.

A "robust" public option can't be found in the bill. Neither can the word "doctor" - save for a few references to degrees. No "cost curve" is bent. No "blue pill" is dispensed.

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Ten Commandments Quiz Has $20,000 Prize

November 3

There's still time for Bible scholars to get in on a competition for a $20,000 prize in which the only requirement is to name the Ten Commandments of God, in order, in 20 seconds or less.

The competition was scheduled for Monday when self-made millionaire Darrel Rundus, a marketing expert, was to start dialing telephone numbers of people who have signed up online on his Ten And Win website, giving each person, in the order they are randomly selected, an opportunity to recite the Ten Commandments in 20 seconds or less.

The first successful contestant gets the $20,000 prize.

But Rundus has told WND that a medical emergency in his family forced him to delay the event until Nov. 13.

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Mayor Refuses to Judge "Evil" Halloween Pumpkin Contest

November 3

Tom Wilson, the mayor of Nuneaton, and his wife councillor Sonja Wilson, turned down an invitation to judge the event due to their religious beliefs, according to a newspaper report.

They were asked to go to Nuneaton Town Centre for Saturday afternoon event but after consulting fellow members at their Manor Court Baptist Church decided against it.

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