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Pelosi: Imprisonment If You Don't Buy Health Insurance Is 'Very Fair'

November 17

Reporter Shomari Stone from the ABC affiliate in Seattle is apparently willing to do what most of the mainstream media is unwilling to do, ask tough questions.

Stone didn't pull any punches when he asked this of Pelosi.

"Do you think it's fair to send people to jail for not buying health insurance?"

After Pelosi evaded the question and gave one of her prepackaged stump speeches for healthcare, Stone came back again and reiterated his question. Pelosi responded.

"I think the legislation is very fair in this respect."

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CNN Features Boy Who Won't Say Pledge Till Gays Have Equal Rights

November 17

CNN on Monday featured a fifth grade student who is refusing to say the Pledge of Allegiance in his classroom until gays and lesbians have equal rights.

Not surprisingly, he was treated with far greater respect by the cable news network than Tea Party and town hall meeting protesters were earlier in the year.

The boy and his father appeared on CNN's "American Morning," and John Roberts began the segment:

A 10-year-old boy from Arkansas is taking a stand by sitting down. Will Philips is refusing to pledge allegiance to the flag in his fifth grade classroom until there really is, as the pledge says, liberty and justice for all. He says until gays and lesbians have equal rights.

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ADF Asks Military to Charge Hasan for Killing Unborn Baby At Fort Hood

November 17

A pro-life legal group has asked the U.S. military to charge Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan with the unlawful killing of an unborn child in the shooting that recently took place at the Fort Hood military base. The initial 13 murder charges do not include one for the death of an unborn child, the fourteenth victim.

Hasan is suspected of killing 12 soldiers and one civilian in last Thursday's shooting and he was shot and wounded by two police officers at the base.

Yesterday, military officials charged him in those deaths and U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command spokesman Chris Grey said additional charges may be filed -- which the Alliance Defense Fund hopes is the case.

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Billboard Companies Allow Slam Against GOD

November 17

Two major billboard companies are allowing signs that slam Christian faith, even though they rejected out-of-hand a billboard campaign that asked for documentation of Barack Obama's eligibility to be president.

"I found it ironic that the billboard . is maintained by Clear Channel," wrote a WND reader who noticed the apparent double standard. "I seem to recall Clear Channel did not want to run any of the 'Where's the Birth Certificate' ads on their billboards, because of the 'sensitivity of the issue.'"

Another company that rejected the "birth certificate" billboards but now is allowing a message from a "reason" group that asks "Are you good without God?" is Lamar Outdoor, one of the largest providers of billboard space in America.

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Christian Groups Call For Boycott of Retailers Censoring Christmas

November 17

November 13, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - With the Christmas season fast approaching, and the commercial machine gearing up as usual, the annual 'war on Christmas' has started, with numerous stores refusing to recognize the very celebration by which they profit.  In response, Christian groups are again calling for a boycott of such stores who censor references to Christmas in their Christmas promotions.

"It's not just a 'winter holiday,'" said Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association (AFA).  "For millions of Americans the giving and receiving of gifts is in honor of the One who gave Himself."

AFA, which boasts 2.3 million subscribers to their weekly e-mail update, has initiated a two-month boycott of the clothing retailer Gap, and its subsidiaries Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime, and Athleta.

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Student Body President Back on Job After ADF Letter To College Officials

November 17

Sacramento City College's Associated Student Government agreed Thursday to vacate its "suspension" of the student body president after he was subjected to an illegal recall election for refusing to censor a pro-life group's display on campus. Attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund Center for Academic Freedom representing Steve Macias issued a cease-and-desist letter to college officials on Nov. 5.

Unsatisfied, some ASG members have begun impeachment proceedings against Macias in the wake of the failed recall.

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ACLU Defends Lesbian Student on Prom Issue

November 17

The American Civil Liberties Union is threatening an Alabama school district over prohibiting a lesbian from taking her girlfriend to the prom.

Tharptown High School near Russellville told Cynthia Stewart she could not attend the prom in March with her girlfriend in tow. On behalf of the 17-year-old junior and her guardian, the ACLU is now demanding that school officials reverse their decision.
According to Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel, the case is typical of the ACLU in that "anything that is anti-moral, anti-religious liberty, and anti-freedom, you can always find them on the other side."

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