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Based upon the most recent information, the following is a list of companies that choose to avoid and/or completely ban the use of 'Christmas' in their advertising.

GRINCH = This Company overwhelmingly chooses to use the term 'Holiday' in place of 'Christmas' and/or uses traditional Christmas items (trees, wreaths, without using the term 'Christmas' in a majority of their advertising to include flyers, website and/or inside their store.

CINDY LOU WHO = This Company uses the term 'Christmas' in a majority of their advertising to include flyers, website and/or inside their store.


A.C. Moore - Web site: "Holiday Wishes From Us to You." Report: 3 types of "Holiday" gift cards - when "Christmas" gift cards requested, store replied "We have to be politically correct."

Advance Auto Parts - 1-877-2623  Web site: No mention of 'Christmas' anywhere.

Albertsons - 1-877-932-7948 Web site: "Holiday Solutions" without mention of "Christmas."

American Eagle - 1-888-232-4535 Web site: no mention of "Christmas."

American Girl - 1-800-360-1861 Web site: "joy to the girl" on home page. "Holiday" term everywhere but no mention of "Christmas" except items specifically named by manufacturers.

Banana Republic - 1-888-277-8953 Web site: "Banana Republic Holiday 2008," "Most Wanted for the Holiday, "Holiday Gift Guide" and "Holiday 2008 Fashion Show." No mention of "Christmas."

Barnes & Noble - Web site: "Huge Holiday Savings", "Holiday Gift Guide", Holiday Favorites", "Our Holiday Picks". No use of 'Christmas' anywhere unless in the title of a book or other item.

Best Buy - 1-800-237-8289 Website: Use of yellow gift boxes and term 'Holiday' often. No use of "Christmas" visually anywhere on site except when they 'Guarantee Christmas Delivery'.

Bloomingdale's - 1-800-777-0000 Web site: "Oh What Fun... Holiday Experience," "Happy Holidays" e-gift card and "Shop Our Holiday Catalog."

Braum's Ice Cream 1-877-274-4197 Sells "holiday" items only. Online feedback form Note: Braum's recently added a token "Merry Christmas" crawler to their website to ward off complaints, but refuses to incorporate it anywhere else.

Circuit City - 1-800-843-2489 Web site: winter snow scene on home page and "Beat the Holiday Rush" and "Big Holiday Sale"." No mention of "Christmas."

Comp USA - 1-800-266-7872 Web site: "Tech Toyland" and "Save With Our Holiday Deals." No mention of "Christmas" anywhere on website except items named by manufacturers.

CVS - 1-888-607-4287 Web site: no mention of "Christmas" except for items named by manufacturers. Does offer a 'Holiday Center' on its website. Has '12 Days of Savings' and we're told to 'Celebrate the Season' and 'Check out the Holiday Savings'. November paper insert avoids using 'Christmas'. Email customercare@

Dick's Sporting Goods - 1-877-846-9997 Web site: "The Gift Center." No mention of "Christmas."

Disney - Shopping site: "Holiday Shop" but no mention of "Christmas." Found 'Holiday Preview', 'Holiday Gift Guide', 'Holiday Apparel' and 'Holiday Décor', but no 'Christmas'.

Dunham's Sports - Web site: "Holiday" theme but no mention of "Christmas" except for items named by manufacturers. Report: store said "They are not a Christmas store."

Gap - 1-800-427-7895 Web site: "Holiday Gifts Are Here." No mention of "Christmas." 1-800-427-7895 - Gap stores avoid using Christmas at every opportunity, being a very secular company.

Giant Eagle Pharmacy - Web site: "Holiday Gift Giving Guide," "Holiday Delicious" and "Holiday" everywhere.

H.E.B. - 1-800-432-3113 Website: "More Merry for less money" with use of several traditional Christmas items but no mention of "Christmas".

Home Shopping Network - Website: "Holiday hot spot", "holiday gift guide", "holiday gift store", "a Thanksgiving Day feast", but can't seem to mention 'Christmas' anywhere. November commercial has host standing in front of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. So they don't mind using 'Christmas' as a prop to sell items, but they can't seem to say or print 'Christmas'!

 J. Crew Outfitters - Web site: "Very Merry Gift Guide" but no other mention of "Christmas."

KB Toys - Web site now "To Receive by Dec. 25 .." but no mention of "Christmas" in their "Holiday Toy Guide" other than manufacturers' products.

Kroger 1-866-221-4141 -Website uses "holiday" extensively. Examples include "Holiday essentials", Holiday Arrangements", "Holiday Traditions" and "Holiday Specials". Weekly ad uses "holiday."

Lane Bryant - "Holiday Wishes." No other mention of "Christmas."

McDonald's - Web site: "Christmas" appears no place or in any search. Produces 'holiday' toys but no 'Christmas' toys.

Office Depot - Web site: "Christmas" search only produced "Holiday" items such as "Holiday Cards." 1-800-463-3768 - Newspaper inserts reference "holiday" only. Website void of Christmas references.

OfficeMax - 1-800-283-7674 Website doesn't return one item with search of 'Christmas'. Also, no mention of 'Christmas' anywhere on homepage. Also frequent use of Merry 'X-mas' in lieu of 'Christmas'.

Old Navy - 1-800-653-6289 Web site: "Home for the Holidays," "Deal Reveal: ... Super Secret Holiday Deals," "All I Want ...." and "Holiday 2008 Gift Guide" sections. No mention of "Christmas."

Olive Garden - Print media / flyers advertise holiday specials but no 'Christmas' specials.

Outback SteakHouse - Print media / flyers advertise holiday specials but no 'Christmas' specials.

QVC - 1-800-367-9444 Website: Uses 'Holiday' term, has 'Holiday Surprises' and semi-traditional Christmas items to sell their products, but site is void of any true use of the word 'Christmas'. QVC sells snowmen, sleighs, Santas and trees all without using the term 'Christmas'.

Radio Shack 1-800-843-7422 - Website search for "Christmas" results in "holiday" page. Also mentions "The Shack Has Gifts & Toys" and can 'Make You a Holiday Hero" with No mention of Christmas anywhere.

Roaman's - Web site: "Give, Get, Gifted." No mention of "Christmas."

Safeway - Website: "Low Prices for the Holidays". No mention of 'Christmas' on website. No "Christmas" anywhere on-site store locations. American Family Association also has Safeway listed on their Naughty list.

Sprint - Web site: "Tis the season to have it all", "Tech the Halls"; However, No mention of "Christmas."

Staples - 1-508-253-0879 Web site: "Gift It For Free." "Christmas" search found a few items named only by manufacturers. - Staples' press release referred to "holiday" 13 times without a single mention of Christmas. Last year, Staples emailed a customer to say it refused to post "Christmas" signs in their store. Live chat with Staples online or email Staples.

SUPERVALU  1-952-828-4000 -Owns Albertsons and Jewel-Osco. Refers to Christmas decorations as "holiday" on website and weekly ads. email SUPERVALUE.

Toys R Us -Website: "Hot Holiday Toy Giveaway', "Biggest December Sale Ever" with little elves and green trees shaped to look like 'Christmas' trees but no mention of Christmas.Only mention of 'Christmas' is in relation to their Christmas Shipping Calendar.

Victoria's Secret - 1.800.411.5116 Web site: Has 'The Naughty List' with woman wearing only a thong. Ad reads "Sexy gifts that make naughty look nice." Only mention of 'Christmas' on site is in reference to delivery of items by Christmas.

World Market - Web site: "Holiday Headquarters" and "Holiday Shop." No mention of "Christmas."

CINDY LOU WHO - Web site: "Christmas Trees" and "Christmas" decorations.

Bass Pro Shops - Web site: "Time Passes . Hold on to Christmas" and "Classic Christmas" section. "Christmas" music playing in stores.

Bath and Body Works - Web site home page: "The Perfect Home," "Spread Christmas Cheer with Holiday Home Fragrances" and "The Perfect Christmas Book."

Bed, Bath, and Beyond - Web site: "Christmas Décor" section and "Merry Christmas" gift cards.

Belk - Web site: "Christmas" items for sale, "Merry Christmas" gift cards. "Christmas" music plays in stores.

Big Lots - Web site: "See All Christmas Deals." Promotes "Christmas" trees in advertisements.

Blain's Farm & Fleet - Web site: "Christmas gift ideas" and "Create a Christmas wish list." - Web site: "Holiday Shop" with "Christmas Home" section. Gift card says "Merry Christmas."

Bronners CHRISTmas WONDERLAND - "World's Largest Christmas Store" and "Enjoy Christmas all Year." "Christmas" everywhere! - Web site: "Christmas Home Décor," "Christmas Decorations," "Christmas Cookbooks" and "Christmas

Ornaments." "Christmas" products are called what they are.  Cabela's - Web site: "8Christmas" promo code for shipping. Christmas Catalog: ". Christmas style 2009" and "Need it by Christmas?"

Chic-fil-A - Report: employees say  "Merry Christmas" and "Christmas" music plays in stores. One song referenced "God."

ChristmasPlace - Christmas everywhere! - Web site: "Christmas" is sprinkled throughout the site. "Guaranteed delivery for Christmas" and "Christmas Desktop Décor set."

Costco - Web site: "To Arrive in Time for Christmas .." on home page. Report: "Merry Christmas from Costco!" corporate office and store greetings. Changed holiday cakes to reflect "Merry Christmas."

Cracker Barrel - Web site: "Christmas" section. Stores are all about "Christmas" and "Christmas" music plays in restaurants and stores.

Crayola - Website features over 40 free coloring pages for 'Christmas' to download and color. Over 90 'Christmas' crafts are found doing a simple search on website.

Dillard's - Circular: "Home for the Holidays" includes "Get Ready for Christmas" and "Christmas Linens and China." Another Catalog is called "The Style of Christmas."

Dollar Tree - Web site: "Christmas Crafts," "Christmas Cards" and "Christmas Floral."

Family Dollar - Web site: "Christmas Toy Book," "Christmas Trees," "Christmas Floral Décor" and "Christmas Lights."

Frontgate - Web site: "Christmas" is everywhere! "Christmas Trees," "Ornaments and Christmas Tree Décor" and "Christmas Stockings and Tree Skirts." Catalog reads "Christmas Perfection."

Garden Ridge - Web site: "Christmas Trees," "Christmas Inflatables," and LOTS of "Christmas" decorations.

Hallmark - Web site: "Christmas Cards," "Christmas Keepsake Ornaments" and "Christmas Décor." TV: "Hallmark Christmas Commercial 2009," "A Hallmark Christmas" and "Hallmark Christmas Eve."

Hobby Lobby - Web site: "Holiday Messages" (cards) especially geared to Christ." "Christmas ornaments," "Christmas bushes," "Christmas" everything!

Home Depot - Web site: "Christmas Décor" section. Front page of website advertises "Christmas Decorations" area. "Christmas Trees" and "Christmas Village."  However, please note: Home Depot recently fired an employee for wearing a 'GOD' pin.

HoneyBaked Ham - "Christmas" friendly. Ads: "Make it a HoneyBaked Christmas" and delightful "Have a HoneyBaked Christmas" video-card sent to consumers.

JC Penney - Web site: "Christmas Trees," and "Feliz Navidad" gift card. Report that "Christmas is alive and well at JC Penney, always has been, and always will be ...."

Joann Fabric and Craft Stores - Web site: "Let's Make Christmas" section. Holiday Inspirations includes "Christmas Houses," "Christmas Trees," "Christmas Décor" and "Christmas Garland."

Kay Jewelers - TV commercials say "Make it a Merry Christmas."

K-Mart - Web site: "Christmas Trees" and "Christmas Countdown Deal of the Day." TV commercials include "Christmas."

Kohl's - Web site: "Christmas Power Shopping Sale," "Christmas Kickoff Sale", "Christmas" section, many "Christmas" items and "Merry Christmas" / "Feliz Navidad" gift cards."

L.L. Bean - Web site: "Making Christmas Easier" and "Making Christmas for Over 95 Years." Catalog: "Christmas Favorites 2009" and "Making Christmas Softer."

Linens 'N Things - Web site: "Christmas Shop."

Lord and Taylor - Web site: "Merry Christmas" gift cards and "Christmas Tree Ornament."

Lowe's - TV ads feature Christmas. Web site: "Christmas Trees," "Christmas" lights and "Christmas" tree decorations. However, they do note a 'Closeout of Holiday Decorations." Ad says "Merry Christmas" on cover. Local stores use "Christmas."

Macy's - Holiday Lane section with unlimited Christmas items. "Merry Christmas" gift cards.

Martha Stewart - Web site: "Christmas Workshop 2009," "Christmas" and "Christmas Trees" sections.

Menards - Web site: "Menards Christmas Catalog," "Artificial Christmas Trees" and various "Christmas" items.

Michaels - Web site: "Christmas" and "Christmas Products" sections. Circular: "Christmas Trees."

M&M-Mars Candies - Web site: Holiday section includes "Christmas" on

Mrs. Fields Cookies - Web site is festive with "15 shopping days until Christmas" on home page and "Christmas Collection" section.

Neiman Marcus -Website: Advertises "The Christmas Book" on homepage.

Nordstrom - Web site: "Merry Christmas" is listed on home page and on site-wide banner, rotation story says "Merry Christmas" and "Merry Christmas" gift card.

Old Time Pottery - Web site: "Your Largest Christmas Store" and "Christmas" is mentioned at least four times on home page. "Christmas" is everywhere throughout web site. - Web site: "Gift Finder: Christmas Gifts for .." TV commercial includes "Christmas bows" in song.

PetSmart - Web site: Lots of "Christmas" in the Holiday Shops.

Pier 1 Imports -  Web site: "Christmasville" section and "Welcome to Christmasville." Store windows: "Christmas Parties" and "Christmas Décor."

QVC - Web site: "Countdown to Christmas," "Christmas Shoppe," "Christmas Toys" and "Christmas Lights."

Regal Boats - Report: "Merry Christmas" and "Jesus really is the reason for the season."

Sam's Club - Web site: Says the number of days until "Christmas."

Sears - Web site: "Christmas Trees" and "Christmas" décor on home page.

Shopko - Web site and advertising: "Celebrate Christmas," "Fabulous Christmas," "Cool Christmas," "Awesome Christmas and "Christmas Trees."

Smithsonian Catalogue -  "... Christmas 2008" catalog with many "Christmas" products.

Stein Gardens & Gifts - Web site: "Freshly Cut Christmas Trees" on Home page. Circulars: "Life-Like Christmas Trees," "Christmas Planter Supplies," "Christmas Light Sets" and "Visions of Christmas."

Target - Web site: "Christmas Trees," "Christmas Décor Collection" and other "Christmas" items.

The Swiss Colony - Web site: "Christmas Village Gifts" section. "Christmas is December 25th" and "Warm their holiday spirits with special gifts from Christmas Village."

T.J. Maxx - Web site: "Our Christmas Spirit" and "Merry Christmas" gift cards. - Web site: "World's Finest Artificial Christmas Trees."

Walgreens - Web site: "Christmas" on Home page. Ads: "Christmas Tree Skirts" and "Christmas Decorations."

Wal-Mart / Sam's Club - Web site: "Your One-Stop Christmas Shop."

Williams-Sonoma - Web site: "Christmas" section.

This list has been compiled from sources throughout the country. If you discover any additional stores that you believe should be on TheWordOut.Net GRINCH List (i.e., GRINCH or CINDY LOU WHO List), please send their names with a brief explanation as to which group they should be in and why to TheWordOut.Net. In addition, if you believe one of the below cited companies should be switched from one category to the other, I would love to hear from you and know why.

If you do find a local store that openly celebrates Christmas, please be sure to let the manager know you appreciate them keeping Christ in Christmas.

Thank you from your friends at TheWordOut.Net. Oh yes, and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!