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Girls Using Abortion as Birth Control Having Up to Four Abortions By the Age of 18
December 29

Teenagers are using repeat abortions as a form of birth control, with some girls having four or more terminations by the age of 18, it has been claimed.

Nearly 1,500 of the 19,000 girls under 18 who had a termination last year had previously undergone one earlier abortion for an unwanted pregnancy - and in at least one case a teenage girl had her eighth abortion.

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Legal Team Joins Defense of Teacher Fired for Praying Over Sick Student
December 29

A teacher who was dismissed from her position after she offered to pray for a sick student and the student's parent complained, is being defended by a Christian legal organization.

"The story of Olive Jones is sadly becoming all too familiar in this country," said Andrea Williams, director of the UK-based Christian Legal Centre.  "It is the result of a heavy-handed so-called equalities agenda that discriminates against Christians and seeks to eliminate Christian expression from the public square."

Jones, with 20 years of experience in teaching, said she was left feeling like a criminal after she offered to pray during a home tutoring visit. The 54-year-old mother of two taught mathematics to children who were too sick to attend school.

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Extending Federal Benefits to Same-Sex Couples Will Cost $898 Million, CBO Says

December 29

Extending federal benefits to same-sex couples will cost taxpayers $898 million over the next nine years, according to an analysis of "domestic partnership" legislation released last by the Congressional Budget Office.

The CBO said in its Dec. 17 report that the House version of the Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act -- H.R. 2517 -- would cost $596 million in direct spending and $302 million in discretionary spending through 2019.

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Attorney: Fort Hood Shooter's Religious Rights Were Violated

December 29

One of the nation's foremost critics of Islam says it's absolutely reprehensible that the lead attorney for the man charged in the murderous rampage at Fort Hood last month is trying to paint his client as a victim.

Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan is suspected of killing 14 people, including an unborn baby, while wounding more than two dozen others at the Army post in Texas on November 5. Hasan remains hospitalized at Brooke Army Medical Center at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, where he is paralyzed from the chest down.

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Former Klan Leader Ordained to Preach the Gospel

December 29

A former Tulsan who once was imperial wizard of the Ku Klux Klan is now an ordained minister in the largest black denomination in America.

Johnny Lee Clary, now living in Miami, Okla., was ordained in San Diego recently by Bishop George D. McKinney, on the 12-man ruling board of the 6-million-member Church of God in Christ.

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Bah Humbug! Librarian Tries to Ban 'Explore Evolution' in the Name of Darwin

December 29

It's the holiday season, which means that cheer and values like charity, academic freedom, tolerance, and diversity are abounding--but apparently not among Darwin's defenders in the United Kingdom. A recent angry editorial by the "Atheist Examiner" titled "Creationists try to sneak Intelligent Design into school libraries" tells the story -- except that it's not the actual story.

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Furor Erupts Over Atheist Display At State Capitol

December 29

A conservative activist and Illinois comptroller candidate was escorted from the Illinois State Capitol building Wednesday when he tried to remove a sign put up by an atheist group.

William J. Kelly, a Chicago Republican, announced Tuesday that he planned to take down the sign put up by the Freedom from Religion Foundation. On Wednesday, he tried to make good on his plan.

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