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More Than Gold!

Stories of Faith from U.S. Winter Olympians

The opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Winter Olympics kick off tonight on NBC.  If you love the Olympics and plan on watching some of your favorite winter sports over the next couple of weeks, you may be interested to find out that several competing Olympians are Christians. 

Check out these wonderful "Stories of Faith" from 2010 U.S. Winter Olympians Elana Myers and Cindy Klassen.

Beyond the Ultimate features the faith testimonies of several different Olympians who have found their highest fulfillment, not in a tropy or a medal but in their faith in God.  Among the athletes featured are snowboarder Kelly Clark and skater Chad Hedrick. Hedrick states:

I have guys from the media talking to me all the time and I tell them I want to have a great time, make special memories with my family, and if I go there and give 100 percent and it's not enough, I know God has a path for me, and that's the path that I'm going to follow. They interpret that as: I'm soft, I've lost my competitive edge, I'm not very confident. But they really don't understand; and I'm hoping throughout the Olympics and Vancouver that they see that I am still very competitive, and that you can be a Christian and still be a competitive person.

I think you will enjoy visiting Beyond the Ultimate and reading the testimonies of these compelling athletes.

The world will be watching-every perfected performance, every attempted spin, every crash and tumble down the slopes, every shining face on the victory stand. Elite winter athletes who have their ultimate goal within their grasps-a gold medal in the winter Olympics-will be giving their all. The athletes you will read about here know there is something beyond this Olympic achievement. Win or lose, they already have the prize-the gift-that is Beyond the Ultimate!

Win or lose, these players know there is more beyond the ultimate achievement.

Kelly Clark

Kelly Clark :: USA"I've never been more free."


Curt Tomasevicz

Curt Tomasevicz :: USA Bobsledding"I live my life today as a full-time athlete."


Jilleanne Rookard

Jilleanne Rookard :: USA"I couldn't walk away."


Jinelle ZauggSiergiej

Jinelle ZauggSiergiej :: USA"I found it difficult to make the Christian faith of my family my own."


Trevor Marsicano

Trevor Marsicano :: USA"I took a daring chance to move away."

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